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What Are the Best AI and Marketing Automation Tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables marketers to streamline activities and campaigns on a larger scale than ever witnessed before. However, the market is flooded with numerous AI tools that are rapidly advancing towards us! In today’s article on Technocommy we discuss, What are the best AI and marketing automation tools? Let’s get started-

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What is AI in marketing?

Marketing automation streamlines repetitive tasks such as managing subscriber lists, sending follow-up emails for abandoned carts, and offering automated customer support. AI marketing tools play a crucial role in automating these processes and seamlessly integrating with your current software or platforms.

It’s interesting to note that 28% of leading companies in various sectors actively utilize marketing automation and AI marketing tools. The most effective marketing automation and AI tools empower brands to identify promising leads, launch targeted campaigns, and monitor the sales pipeline with precision.

AI marketing tools are specifically crafted to automate essential functions while enhancing the creativity, insights, and overall performance of users. For a more in-depth understanding, explore our comprehensive guide on ‘What are the best AI and marketing automation tools?’ Be sure to watch until the very end for valuable insights.

AI Tools for Idea Generation and Content Exploration.

Answer the Public is a social listening tool that offers valuable insights into the interests and preferences of potential audiences.

Answer Socrates offers valuable insights into the various queries people are searching for, helping you understand their information needs.

SparkToro is a robust audience research tool that collects data on potential customers, enabling you to gain valuable insights into their demographics and interests.

Google Trends is a valuable tool that helps you uncover popular content that is currently capturing the attention of audiences.

AI Tools for Keyword Research

ChatGPT can assist in pinpointing keywords through topic or audience analysis.

UberSuggest utilizes artificial intelligence to aid in keyword research and implementation.

Clearscope employs AI technology to recommend optimal keywords for content integration.

AI Tools for Trend Analysis and Forecasting

Talkwalker utilizes AI-driven solutions to notify you about emerging trends. 

TrendKite is an artificial intelligence tool designed for predicting and analyzing potential trends. 

Zoho Social assists in visualizing crucial data and generating insights for trend prediction. 

Seismic employs AI algorithms to forecast trends, allowing you to refine your marketing strategies for maximum ROI. 

Bloomreach provides a range of AI tools for trend analysis and forecasting.

AI Tools for Competitor Monitoring

Rival IQ is an AI-powered solution designed to assist brands in conducting competitor monitoring effectively.

Brandwatch leverages AI technology to continuously monitor the online presence of rival brands and provide valuable real-time insights.

Sprout Social, on the other hand, is an AI-driven tool that enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how competitor brands are performing across various social media platforms.

AI Tools for Influencer Research

Utilizing influencers can significantly expand the exposure of your content. It is crucial to verify that the influencer’s values and objectives are in line with your brand. Below are a few AI tools that can assist you in researching influencers:

Upfluence employs AI algorithms to pinpoint potential influencer collaborations by analyzing social metrics and brand compatibility.

Influencity utilizes AI to create an Audience Quality Score, aiding in the selection of the most suitable influencers for your campaign.

AspireIQ utilizes AI algorithms to match you with the most fitting influencers, taking into account their past campaign success.

AI for sales automation

Sales automation software offers a convenient and budget-friendly solution for marketers to create customized email campaigns that enhance customer loyalty and communication effortlessly (and on a large scale). Apart from email campaigns, sales automation software is also beneficial for arranging prospect meetings, ranking leads, and collecting valuable insights. Explore some of the top AI marketing sales tools available today.


Outreach serves as a flexible sales execution platform that enables marketers to convert sales data into valuable insights. This efficient AI marketing solution allows for workflow automation, as well as the testing of engagement strategies and important messaging on various channels such as SMS, email, and social media. Renowned companies like Siemens, OKTA, and Zoom rely on this tool for their sales automation efforts, indicating its effectiveness.


Gong, a sales marketing automation tool, aims to enhance team-wide communication and productivity by reducing sales cycles. One of Gong’s standout attributes is its capacity to provide automated activity recommendations and strategic suggestions, effectively guiding sales representatives throughout their day. This intelligent tool offers a wide range of capabilities.


Drift is a highly intelligent communication platform that facilitates seamless collaboration between marketers and sales representatives in order to effectively connect with customers using tailored messaging through preferred channels and optimal timing. By providing in-depth insights into specific customer segments, Drift enables businesses to address consumer needs and enhance productivity.

AI marketing tools for social media management & advertising

Cortex is an innovative social media management and advertising tool that utilizes advanced technology to provide essential marketing data from various sources. By using Cortex, you can gain valuable insights into what drives engagement and captures the interest of your target audience. This information allows you to determine the optimal timing and content for your posts. Additionally, Cortex’s content suggestions are consistently accurate. If you are looking for AI-powered tools to monitor brand sentiment and engage in social listening, consider the following options:

Brandwatch: This tool employs AI-powered features to conduct social listening and analyze the sentiment expressed on social media platforms.

MonkeyLearn: By utilizing AI-powered tools, MonkeyLearn can make predictions about customer emotions and sentiment, helping you better understand your audience.

Sprout Social: With the assistance of AI, Sprout Social enables you to uncover actionable customer insights and trends that can significantly impact your social campaigns.

Social Mention: This tool utilizes AI to monitor your social performance and analyze customer reactions to your brand.

How do you use AI digital marketing tools?

There are numerous impressive applications of AI in the realm of digital marketing. With the increasing accessibility and power of autonomous technologies, more and more well-known brands are embracing these advancements. For instance, esteemed publications such as Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and Forbes are currently utilizing AI tools to generate content.

To ensure that you make the most of your AI marketing endeavors, here are some helpful guidelines for your consideration.


Utilize a limited number of AI marketing tools that align with your specific objectives and business requirements.

Train your staff on how to effectively use the new AI-powered tools to enhance their work and creative efforts.

Exercise your judgment to automate tasks that require streamlining and selectively choose the most beneficial features of your tools.


Integrate a multitude of different tools and constantly switch between them, as this can lead to confusion and chaos instead of achieving harmony and increasing productivity.

Neglect involving your team in the decision-making process when selecting the appropriate AI tools.

Rely solely on AI marketing tools to carry out all of your tasks and processes. Remember, AI tools are most effective when combined with human leadership, and nothing can replace the discerning eye of a human editor!

Leverage artificial intelligence to enhance your online marketing strategies.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the marketing landscape by enabling marketers to personalize, optimize, and automate numerous essential marketing tasks. Our blog will help you understand the basics of AI and use key AI tools for research, content development, data-driven decision making and creative design.

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